Parental app - latest updates

Thursday, 01 February 2018 | Written by PrimarySite

In response to valuable feedback from schools, we have made some exciting improvements to our app to help with your parental engagement. Take a look at the changes here:


Message centre - groups

The app now features a Message Centre, allowing parents and carers to receive notifications specific to them. Specific groups can also be created that parents can opt-in to.

When creating groups, you can also automatically subscribe parents and carers to certain groups by using the auto-subscribe feature.


Historic messages

Historic messages will remain in the Message Centre so parents and carers can view all those received previously (until they choose to delete them).


Automatic links to your website

Web hyperlinks can now also be included in your messages, meaning you can include links to the school website for further information.

Want to know more? Visit our app page for further details.

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