6 Great Ideas for School Website News Stories

Friday, 22 March 2019 | Written by Jonathan Wallis-Leggett; Digital Marketing Manager at PrimarySite


Your primary school website is a very effective tool for showcasing the amazing things that are happening in your school. As one of the most visited areas of your website, the Latest News page will be vital for keeping parents informed and will create a strong first impression of your school in the minds of prospective new parents or Ofsted inspectors.

Fortunately, the Latest News page is one of the simplest pages to keep up to date; a headline and a few lines of text are all you need.

With over 4,000 schools using the PrimarySite school website system, we have become very familiar with the ways schools use their news pages. Here are a few of the best ideas we’ve seen.

Celebrate Success!

Sharing success is a guaranteed way to generate pride and boost morale. Whether it’s sports team success, a charity fundraising achievement, a memorable talent show or just good old-fashioned exam results, spending a few minutes sharing your success on your school website is never a bad idea.

Promote Events

If you want to encourage maximum participation in the events organised by your school you need to use every channel to get the message out. Parents evenings, open days, Autumn Fairs etc. are typically better attended when they have been promoted online.

Introduce new staff

When a new member of staff joins your school it can really make them feel at home if parents and children can get to know them as quickly as possible. Introducing them via a news story can really help with this.

Advertise staff vacancies

By advertising staff vacancies on your website you gain significantly more exposure than using job boards alone - and at no extra cost. Often parents and other members of the school community will share the advert around their own networks, increasing your chance of a successful appointment.

Explain curriculum or policy changes

Whether it’s a new uniform policy or a new method for teaching long multiplication, posting a news story about it, perhaps with a link to supporting resources, can help your new idea to be understood and adopted more quickly.

Share updates from school trips and other special events

Sharing a photo on your website is easier than attaching an image to an email. What better way to engage parents with their children’s learning than to post photos of a special event or trip as it happens? Parents of children on residential visits often find it particularly comforting to read daily updates from their child’s class while they are away from home.

These are just a few of the many ways your school website could be used to enhance communication with parents and your school community. PrimarySite’s website updating system is so easy to use that a news story can be added in a matter of seconds.

All articles are automatically pushed to our dedicated parental app, TheSchoolApp, allowing parents access to your latest news with a single tap of a screen.

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